Every business challenge has its own solution. The Academy provides a different perspective on business and how to quickly implement different solutions in your environment. It focuses on leaders and change agents who are brave enough to see things through different eyes.
Key objectives of the program:
-Understanding agile values and principles
– Development of an agile mindset
– Adoption of agile tools and techniques for working with individuals, teams and organizations
– Training for complex and wider process change
-Understanding different business models
-Creating a broader picture of the “business agility” business model
– Faster and better response to constant changes
-User in focus and faster G2 market process
Basic topics of the program:
– Basics of agile values and principles
-Agile “framework” Scrum
-Agile product management
-Agile leadership

- Our team's certifications -

CET trainers

Our trainers have significant experience in coaching, business and agile way of working.
They use methodologies, techniques and tools from several coaching directions and Agile way of work.
The team has certificates from various certification houses, such as Scrum Alliance (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Certified Agile leadership),  International Coaching Federation (ACC & PCC) Scaled Agile (SAFe) and IC Agile (Agile coaching Facilitator).

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Level: Explore, Basic, Advance, Master
Who it is intended for:
Executive leaders, top talents, people who run businesses
Format: In person/ Online
Group size:
6-8 participants