The business environment in which we operate is highly uncertain and highly volatile. Business models that worked perfectly until yesterday can already be overcome today.
Key objectives of the training:
-Understanding the complex business environment
– Getting to know different business models
-Understanding the flow of information
– Understanding of “customer centric” organization
– Timely and quick reaction to changes
– Assessment of the validity of the business model
-Abolishing the silo effect
– Greater customer satisfaction
Basic topics of the training:
– Contemporary market developments
-Modern business models
– “Customer centric” companies
– Flat management

- Our team's certifications -

CET trainers

Our trainers have significant experience in coaching, business and agile way of working.
They use methodologies, techniques and tools from several coaching directions and Agile way of work.
The team has certificates from various certification houses, such as Scrum Alliance (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Certified Agile leadership),  International Coaching Federation (ACC & PCC) Scaled Agile (SAFe) and IC Agile (Agile coaching Facilitator).

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Basic, Advance and Master

Who it is intended for:

Leaders, business owners

Format: In person/ Online
Group size: 6-12 participants
Training duration: 1+ day