Companies that care about their employees really try to understand their employees and treat each one as a unique individual. That is why a special certification program was designed so that HR managers and team leaders could participate in creating better communication in the team and in the company.

Key objectives of the certification:
-Understanding the 4 systems of the brain
– Understanding Neuroscience background of the assessment
– Independent interpretation of assessment
– Creation of a development plan based on the report
– Ensuring a safe-learning environment
– Quick effect on reducing anxiety and stress
– Building better interpersonal relationships
Basic certification topics:
– Basics of neuroscience
-4 brain systems
– Communication channels and matrix
– Interpretation of NeuroColor reports

- Our team's certifications -

CET trainers

Our trainers have significant experience in coaching, business and agile way of working.
They use methodologies, techniques and tools from several coaching directions and Agile way of work.
The team has certificates from various certification houses, such as Scrum Alliance (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Certified Agile leadership),  International Coaching Federation (ACC & PCC) Scaled Agile (SAFe) and IC Agile (Agile coaching Facilitator).

For additional info

Level: Advance and Master
Who it is intended for: HR employees, leaders
Format: In person/ Online

Group size: 3-8 participants

Duration of the certification: 2 days