Every Scrum implementation is different. Teams and organizations apply Scrum according to their business model, but the basics of the Scrum framework are the same. Scrum enables companies to more readily go to market with their products, to respond more quickly to user feedback, and to better manage the budget intended for a specific product (project). This gives them a competitive advantage.

The training provides answers to key questions:
-When is the Scrum framework applicable?
– How to adapt Scrum to the organizational setup?
-How do Scrum processes increase the effectiveness of teams?
Basic topics of the program:
-Basics of Scrum theory
-Scrum roles
-Scrum events
-Scrum Artifacts

- Our team's certifications -

CET trainers

Our trainers have significant experience in coaching, business and agile way of working.
They use methodologies, techniques and tools from several coaching directions and Agile way of work.
The team has certificates from various certification houses, such as Scrum Alliance (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Certified Agile leadership),  International Coaching Federation (ACC & PCC) Scaled Agile (SAFe) and IC Agile (Agile coaching Facilitator).

For additional info

Level: All employees
Who it is intended for:
Executive leaders, top talents, people who run businesses
Format: In person/ Online
Group size:
6-8 participants
Training duration: 6 hours