We were asked about COACHING

Before we start measuring the performance, it is necessary to clearly and precisely define what we want to achieve with the coaching project, where we are now and where we want to be. After that, we apply tools and techniques to measure and track progress.

A working environment where solutions are not imposed or served as ready-made is the basis for the development of each employee, as well as for the growth of the company.

Coaching is applied to the management of teams, both in the operational and in the development domain.

First of all, executive managers, leaders in key positions, as well as leaders who have recently transitioned to a new position are coached. In a broader sense, every employee can use coaching services.

We were asked about AGILE WAY OF WORK

Agile business is introduced in order to respond better and faster to all challenges on the market, better understand the user and create a product faster and better.

Agile philosophy originated in the software environment, but has been successfully implemented in a large number of other industries.

In an agile culture, the employee is in the center of attention. Therefore, at the beginning of the introduction of agile business, great attention is paid to the creation of internal agile leaders, as well as an agile mindset among all employees.

The entire company does not have to implement an agile way of working. The essence of agile implementation is to recognize those parts of the company that, by introducing agile operations, would have the greatest impact on product quality and company revenues. Over time, an agile way of working can be scaled across the company.

We were asked about LEADERSHIP

There are a number of leadership styles. The best leadership style for a company is one that is consistent with its values and culture.

Each team has its own specifics, strong and weak features. For this reason, educating, preparing and empowering leaders is of great importance, so that they are able to respond to any challenge that arises in working with the team with their attitude and mindset.

Leaders need to invest a lot in their own development in order to be able to develop their team. The conditions in which they lead the team are constantly changing and it is necessary for the leader to constantly invest in themselves and the development of their team.

The success of a leader can be measured by the number of new leaders he has developed. Experienced leaders need a structured process in order to transfer their knowledge and expertise to young leaders in the fastest and highest quality way.

We were asked about TEAMS

Once formed, teams go through several stages before becoming fully effective. The way a team is managed can significantly accelerate its development path.
Every team goes through certain stages of maturation. Depending on the stage of development, certain challenges arise. A true leader recognizes these challenges in time and addresses them in the right way.
Mutual trust between team members is the basis for a successful team. Building trust can be accelerated by using certain techniques and tools. This leads to great results.
Conflicts in the team are a natural phenomenon and happen all the time. The leader controls conflicts because they are desirable and lead to different and better solutions. There are many techniques and tools for managing conflict in a team.


If you have questions about coaching, agile business, leadership and teams, we will be happy to answer you based on our many years of experience.