I have been dealing with leadership for a long time, and I am constantly discovering something new. Leadership has helped me become better because it is equally applicable in the family and in companies.

Maybe that’s why I fell in love with agile leadership at first sight. The focus of agile leadership is on people development and the applicability of leadership tools. Exactly what I need!

I have recently toured the beautiful mountain peaks of Tara with my family. The day was quite warm, the sun was blazing relentlessly, while the views we wanted to tour at that moment seemed very inaccessible. After visiting the beautiful waterfall Gostilje, we returned to the car. Covered in sweat, tired, we grumbled to ourselves, breathing hard in the hot air.

We went into the sauna, I mean the car, turned on the air conditioning and got angry at it for not being able to cool the car within a minute. We headed back slowly. As I rode through the picturesque mountainous landscapes, I overtook one cyclist, in full cycling gear.

“I wonder how he is doing” I thought as I moved to overtake him.

And then I saw a scene I couldn’t believe. The cyclist did not have a left leg, and he was without any prosthesis. He was driving completely normally, at a decent speed up the hill.

“I wonder how he is doing”, I asked myself once again, but now with completely different feelings.

It turned out for like a 100th time that we complain a lot about little things, while the people around us are trying to live normally. That they don’t have everything we have, that they may have even more.

You are now probably wondering what this has to do with Agile leadership. A lot.

One of the agile leadership principles (there are 15 of them) is: “Spend gratitude generously”. So as leaders, choose something you will be grateful for every day and share it with your team.

Choose carefully.