Today, more than ever, the business environment is full of uncertainty. Many communication styles are outdated.
Too many slow responses on changes that happen all the time.
Such an insecure working environment creates a lot of stress and pressure.
The way we lead our teams has definitely got room for improvement.
Agile leadership could be very useful in those conditions.

Why is that?
Agile leadership nourishes a very different mindset from that in traditional management. And that is the crucial thing we need to understand.
To acknowledge the fact that we are living in a very different time from the time when we started to use previous styles of leadership.
The second thing we should acknowledge is famous Einstein’s quote:
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
The third thing we must understand is: “Change is inevitable.”
These three facts are crucial for adopting the new model of leadership, Agile leadership.
Because, if you want to use Agile leadership, you should first change your mindset, to be agile, to be open for new things. There is a great theory, Theory U, invented by Otto Scharmer, saying:

Openness – I am open to something I don’t know (yet)
Open mind – Understand
Open heart – Like
Open will – Want

Agile leadership is a neverending story. But, let’s get back to the headline.
We can reduce our stress and pressure by understanding ourselves and the environment we are working in.

Less pressure for us produces less pressure for our teams.