The game is a process that ignites creativity, both in a child and an adult person.

If we “frame” game in a precise and meaningful frame, a game could impact team spirit, trust within the team, better communication, a better understanding of aspirations other team members. There are so many advantages, that question simple pop up: “Why we don’t use games now, in everyday business?

Maybe we are stereotyping that games are for kids?

Are we still unaware of how valuable the games are for strengthening the team?

The purpose of this article is to point it out and invite you to start playing, at work with the team, and thus make every day you spend at work worth coming, both for yourself and your team.

Of course, team games need to have the structure and the desired outcome. Playing, just for fun, can be useful for relaxation, but it does question how much it can really be used in a business context.

On the other hand, when we have a well-designed team game, with a clear structure and rules and a clearly defined outcome, the game becomes a real “super glue” to connect team members.

In the last blog, we wrote about pictures, and how one picture can say more than 1000 words.

By analogy, a well-designed game with a clear outcome can tell us more than 1000 images!

Why is it so? Because the game gives us depth, it deals with the essentials and in one great way “makes us aware of problems” that team members may not even be aware of.

Through the game, team members “relive” a real business problem in a secure environment, where the mistake is allowed and where we learn from it. Maybe we can describe the power of team play as the power of a fable. Although fable animal stories that move us to another, a surreal world, the lesson is very real and can be mapped to human behavior in every way.

So games are moving us to another world, dealing with seemingly unimportant things, but the lessons are very real and can be applied to any business environment.

Anyone still thinking about how games can affect a team and improving their business can read our MYWV article and see for themselves the power of team play.