Change Management Game: Are you ready to change the world?

When I saw this sentence on the Management 3.0 website a long time ago, my first reaction was, “Yeah, sure.”

It took me time to see the truth in this sentence. The sentence we can compare with the title is “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Change starts with individuals, teams, companies, and organizations.

When we consider this tool a simple exercise that could start to change something in our organization, then everything makes sense.

The way how I use this in my workshops or leadership training is simple.

I take the “Change Management Game” set of cards, which has 34 questions divided into four groups and is color-coded.

Depending on the number of attendees in the workshop, I split them into three or four smaller groups. Every group gets 3-5 mixed cards from the card deck. Then, they pick one card randomly and discuss it in the group for five minutes:

  • Are they familiar with this question in their working environment (current or from previous experience)?
  • How did they address this question?
  • What are the most significant insights they gained, and how would they share them with other group members?

The idea is to discuss a minimum of three questions and get deeper into understanding them from the collective and organizational perspective.

After discussion in smaller groups, all attendees will share their insights with other groups.

We can use this tool in person or a virtual environment.

Some of the questions I particularly like:

  • Can you incentivize good behavior?
  • How can they practice?
  • Are you committed?
  • How do you accelerate results?

What did I learn?

Change starts with us, our team, and our organizations. Many change agents leading the change in the same direction are more than just the sum of all their efforts.

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