Doing training and coaching over the years that question bothers me all the time.

But also, I am the leader for more than twenty years and the question would be pretty the same. A team needs a visible idea to see and then team members would believe in it.

I just knew somehow that picture should be an answer. But, how can I implement pictures in my daily business without being weird (or something even worse)?
I’ve tried a few cards and photos from different training methodologies, and the result was better, I must admit.

Still, one part was missing. How can we find the right picture for every situation?

The drawing was the answer. But, I didn’t know how to draw, and even worse, I was afraid to do that. Sounds familiar?

I was participating in the two-day training, and now I am confident to draw everything … well, almost everything.
Next time, I will share with you some basic lines and shapes to make memorable pictures. These pictures would definitely help you to clarify goals and KPI’s you need to present to your team members.