Nowadays, people are overwhelmed with information, “to do” tasks, and they are sensing that they need more time, for everything.

Communication is also evolved, we are using high-tech tools, WhatsApp, Viber, SLACK … But at the end of the day, we need to simplify our communication, and we need more human interactions, too.

In that sense, presenting your idea or plan to someone, in effective way is very important. Take, for example, a leader who needs to present some ideas to the team. The leader’s presentation should be: short, clear and effective. Could we do that with an inspirational speech?

Could we do that with a motivational mail?

Of course, that was a powerful leadership tool. But, for 2020 we need more. To be even shorter and more effective.

We need to use visualization, to wake up neocortex and stimulate the thinking process.

There is a saying, “One picture could say more than a thousand words“.

Tip#1: Notice that no one said a beautiful or great picture.

So, if is that the case, why we are still afraid of drawing?

Tip#2: Notice the difference between drawing and visualization.

No one said that you need to draw, writing something is also visual, you should carefully choose just what to “visualize”.

Tip#3: Grab your pen and try to visualize something.

Believe in yourself, try just to express your filling, it’s not obligatory to impress someone.

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