What is leader legacy? This is really a rhetorical question.  The answer depends on the style that leader nourishes.

What is the force that gains you to be a great leader? Even to be better than you are now? Stop for a while and think about this. Is it money, is it work with people, how to manage issue?

First of all, you need to love your job. Communication skills are also necessary in order to be a good manager. You need to have very good knowledge, better than your team members. You need to have a wider picture of what you are doing as a company. You have to recognize diversity among them and foster competitive communication between them. You need so much in order to be a good leader.

But, what is the secret ingredient that spices your leadership style and makes you a great leader?

My secret spice is altruism. I really love to share my knowledge with all my team members. I help them understand better why leadership is so important to make performance great, in all areas.

My biggest reward is to see smiles on their faces. They are free to adopt all sales or managerial techniques, the knowledge that we are all facing with. The secret is that you have to constantly share what you’ve learned. Fortunately, this process is reversible, so you can also learn a lot from managers that you lead. You can even learn from a sales agent from your shop.

In the previous paragraph, I wrote about the reward. But, as the topic says, what is leader legacy? In my opinion, every leader’s legacy are people that you’ve helped succeed, achieve their goals, their visions. If you want to be a great leader, you cannot only count your KPI’s result. You need to count how many managers you’ve created. In order to be a great leader, you need to be a “manager factory”. You need to ask yourself how many people you promoted or helped get a higher position.

There are no better references for you than people that you’ve lead. That is my legacy, people, leaders.

And what is yours?