No matter if you are a top manager in a multinational corporation or you are running your own, small or medium company, you are aiming to run a successful business. For a successful business, you should have a successful business model.

In today’s business environment there is a lot of uncertainty. A business model which worked even yesterday is maybe not applicable today.

Software companies are among the first who recognize this threat (or opportunity) and they started to search new, more resilient business models. That is the reason for need in implementation for Lean, Agile or Design thinking in the company’s daily business.

What is Lean?

This word literally means without fat. When it comes to production it means without waste. But, the more important thing is Lean thinking.

According to Wikipedia, Lean thinking is a business methodology that aims to provide a new way to think about how to organize human activities to deliver more benefits to society and value to individuals while eliminating waste. The term lean thinking was coined by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones to capture the essence of their in-depth study of Toyota’s fabled Toyota Production System. Lean thinking is a way of thinking about activity and seeing the waste inadvertently generated by the way the process is organized.

Why companies will benefit using Lean thinking?

Well, first of all, developing a culture that uses Lean thinking, will definitely stop wasting people’s time. People will be better organized, the teams will be better organized. Finding the right synergy among the team members, a company can radically speed up the business and raise revenue.

Second, using Lean thinking, the company can minimize the risk of running the business in such a business environment which is radically changing every day. That helps to create a leadership framework designed specifically for 21st-century uncertainty.

Why Lean Startup thinking?

Lean Startup thinking connects well-developed know-how from the software companies with other businesses which are not in the software industry. Lean Startup is the fastest way to shift a “company” mindset using three postulates:

– BUILD, turn ideas into products

– MEASURE, see how customers respond. Identify early adopters

– LEARN, pivot or persevere strategy

It’s not easy to implement Lean Startup thinking in daily business. But the benefits are numerous and changes are visible by generating additional value from the same business.