Lean methodology is widely used in today’s business environment. But, regarding the power that Lean has, definitely not enough.

The real power of Lean methodology lies in its simplicity and focus.

– One of the biggest benefits of using Lean is also the learnings that are provided by numerous experiments. Using Lean, a company can rapidly experiment with new products, services, and business models without losing its existing customer. That is very important because the core business is secured from big failure. As we said previously, using Lean we can minimize risk.

– Also, using Lean methodology, we can measure progress in order to ensure outcomes that the company seek. There is a difference between outcome and output and we should be very careful regarding this. The output is simple just something that we get on “the finish line”. It could be a product or service. The outcome could be a desirable state of our activities. Also, using Lean we can replace traditional metrics with validated learning.

– The lean methodology can also provide to get faster cycle time, faster insights, and controlled spending in every industry we work. That helps companies to remain competitive in the fast-changing market. It is very important to ensure that the company can work in the domain of uncertainty, where nimble startups thrive, and prepare it for a trend like globalization and disruptive technology.

In the end, the short sentence could describe the Lean philosophy:
Think big. Start small. Move fast.